Here’s What You Need to Know About the ‘Blue Lives Matter Act’

Republican Representative Ken Buck from Colorado introduced a new piece of legislation after the first two months of 2016 proved to be exceptionally deadly for law enforcement. His home state of Colorado has lost 3 officers in the line of duty, and 24 have been killed nationwide.

According to FBI data, the two most common causes of felonious police fatalities are arrest and ambush situations:

Image Credit: Dayton Daily News

The “Blue Lives Matter Act” attempts to lower the statistics. Its name references the “Black Lives Matter” mantra claimed by protesters who speak out against police violence, particularly that against black Americans.

Rep. Buck explains that the “Blue Lives Matter Act,” H.B. 4760, would officially classify attacks on police officers as federal “hate crimes”:

“Despite the risk, our law enforcement officers put on their uniform every day so that they can serve our communities. Whether based on skin color or uniform color, a crime motivated by hate is not going to be tolerated in America.

By adding law enforcement to the federal hate crime statute, we can protect those who protect us.”

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