Buck Leads GOP Majority to Overturn Obama's Executive Overreach

Ken Buck plans to propose a bill to amend House rules to include a weekly "single item" calendar in order to provide time to address single subject bills.  The designated time each week will pave the way for the GOP majority to systematically address and work to overturn some of President Obama's most controversial executive orders and regulations.

"We've had eight years of executive overreach, and I think Congress needs to focus on Article I power," he told the Washington Examiner.
"Not only are we going to be dealing with executive orders, we are going to be dealing with agency regulations and specifically prohibit some of the rules that have gone through the administrative procedures process [but are not yet law] and rescind them," he said.

Buck has been outspoken regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's Waters of the U.S. rule expanding the definition of waters protected under the Clean Water Act.  He is also taking aim at overturning the Labor Department's overtime rule effective December 1 and an April 2017 fiduciary rule requiring financial advisors to only provide advice that is in their client's best interest.  

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Jo Barbie